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San Antonio Classic  2023

Schedule of Events

    *** Registration opens at 3:00pm to 6:00pm

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Friday, Evening 6:00pm

        * Cocktail Party,   * Dinner on the Riverwalk  (Transportation Included to and from Restaurant)

               (Ticket Holders Only)


Saturday, Matinee Session-7:00am


        * Registration opens at 6:00am

        * Breakfast will be open from 7:00am-9:00am - (Ticket Holders Only)

Country Competitions

        * Country Single Dances,   * Country Multi Dance Challenges

Standard/Smooth Competitions

        * Standard/Smooth Single Dances,   * Standard/Smooth Multi Dance Challenges,  

        * Standard/Smooth Scholarships -  Closed & Open

Solo Routines

        * Solos - All Styles

        * Lunch will be Served - (Ticket Holders Only)


Latin/Rhythm Competitions

        * Latin/Rhythm,   * Latin/Rhythm Multi Dance Challenges,  

        * Latin/Rhythm Scholarships - Closed & Open

Saturday, Evening Session - Neon Nights Theme & Dinner– 7:00pm

        * Cocktail Party

        * Sit Down Gala Neon Dinner with Social Dancing - (Ticket Holders Only) 

        * Top Student Awards / Top Solo Award / Top Teacher Award / Top Studio Award

        * World Classic Professional Show

        * Nightclub Single Dance Events

        * Pro-Am Nightclub 3-Dance Events - (See Rules for Club 3-Dance Event)

        * Top Nightclub Teacher Award


Nite Club Theme_edited.png

**Saturday Night Theme!**

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