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San Antonio Marriott Riverwalk

Take advantage of the special room rate available to our attendees. Our rates commence at $270.00 plus tax

Be sure to mention our code "San Antonio Classic" if you choose to phone directly.  1-877-622-3056



Professional Show for 2024 S.A.C. Aug 3rd

Gene & Elena Bersten



***Pot Of Gold!!!***

All teachers that have over a certain number of entries will receive additional prize money for just dancing. It's our way to give back to all the teachers. You can receive from:                                                   $150 all the way up to $1500.  .

SAC Top Teacher money 2024  $$$$$$ 


***Max Heat Entry Sheet is UP***

Maximum Heat Entry Grid Sheet 

We are very excited about our energy filled day of dancing. And to make sure we give the best possible service and experience to each student and professional attending we have provided an outline of the total amount of heats available to make the day      enjoyable and run as smooth as possible. 

Notes for the grid:                                                                                                       Column “A” is the total number of heats available for each dance that a teacher may enter.                                                                                                                        Column “B” is the total number of heats you are dancing with your students

Go to registration and print out the Max Heat Entry Grid sheet to keep track of all the entries you will be doing

Hair & Make-up

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